We’re product people. We’ve been founders and execs at hyper-growth consumer tech companies. We’re passionate about teaming up with entrepreneurs to help them build breakout businesses that stand the test of time.

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  • "David Sze and Greylock stepped in at a time when most VCs were shrinking from ad-supported businesses. It was a great example of a smart investor having confidence in his own knowledge and independently assessing the business. David's belief in Pandora has not wavered."

    Tim Westergren, Pandora

  • "The Greylock team has been genuinely committed to helping us in our mission to build a great business. We have measurably benefited from their team approach, as partners with varied areas of expertise have provided advice and support, including attracting senior and technical recruits. The Greylock team has consistently supported management. They're great people to have on your side."

    Doug Mack, One Kings Lane

  • "Greylock helped the Constant Contact team move beyond start-up and into sustained market leadership. They provided the seasoned experience and resources for our next stage of growth."

    Gail Goodman, Constant Contact

  • "Greylock partnered with Zipcar at its critical growth point in transitioning to a disruptive force in urban transportation. Their insights, network and support have been essential to Zipcar’s continuing momentum and development."

    Scott Griffith, Zipcar

  • "When Greylock invests in your company, it invests not just in a financial outcome, but in your values and your people. They rally for folks who want to build great companies and they always think big. Rather than trying to score points, they quietly try to help you -- to develop your whole team and talk to you late at night about how you can get better. They listen more than other VCs, they work harder than other VCs and most importantly, they've got soul. I don't know where we'd be without them."

    Glenn Kelman, Redfin

  • "As a former EIR at Greylock and current CEO of LinkedIn, I have experienced firsthand the value, integrity, and commitment the firm brings to its long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs. Greylock was a true believer in LinkedIn from its early days, and along the way, our company has significantly benefited from the strategic advice, thoughtful guidance and unwavering support provided by Greylock."

    Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn