Henry McCance

Chairman Emeritus


Past Investments

ABT Corporation (Acquired by Niku in 2000), AST Research (IPO 1985), American Management Systems (IPO 1979, Acquired by CGI in 1979), CATS Software (IPO 1995, Acquired by MISYS in 1999), Cullinane (Cullinet) Systems (IPO 1978, Acquired by CA in 1989), Epsilon (Acquired by Relizon in 2001), Gateway Design Automation (Acquired by Cadence in 1990), Gradient Technologies (Acquired by Entegrity Solutions in 2000), Immulogic (IPO 1991), Index Technology Corporation (IPO 1988, Merged with Sage Systems in 1991), Information Resources (IPO 1983), Manugistics (IPO 1993), McCormack and Dodge (Acquired by Dunn & Bradstreet in 1983), Narrative Communications (Acquired by @Home in 1998), Pansophic Systems (IPO 1981, Acquired by CA in 1991), Praecis Pharmaceuticals (IPO 2000, Acquired by GSK in 2006), Respiratory Care (Acquired by Colgate in 1977), Ross Systems (IPO 1991), Sage Systems (IPO 1986, Merged with Index Technology in 1991), Shiva Corporation (IPO 1994, Acquired by Intel in 1998), Sungard Data Systems (IPO 1986), Systems Center (IPO 1985, Acquired by Sterling in 1993), Tellabs (IPO 1980), Trilogy (Private)


Henry joined Greylock in 1969. He focuses on the software sector while overseeing Greylock's strategic direction.

Henry came to Greylock after serving for two years in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He was responsible for Greylock's early involvement in the software industry with his backing of market-leading firms including American Management Systems, Pansophic (acquired by Computer Associates), Cullinane (acquired by Computer Associates), McCormack and Dodge (acquired by D&B Software) and VM Software (acquired by Sterling Software, and now part of Computer Associates). 

Over the ensuing 40 years of his tenure, Greylock has raised a series of twelve partnerships, with current committed capital in excess of $2 billion, and helped build approximately 300 developing companies. In recognition, Henry received the National Venture Capital Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2004. And, along with Greylock's founding partners, the Harvard Business School Award for Alumni Achievement in 2003. In 2000, Henry was voted one of the country's 10 best VCs by Forbes.

Henry also served on the board of and led Greylock's investment in companies such as Tellabs, Shiva Corporation (acquired by Intel), Manugistics, Trilogy, ABT Corporation (acquired by Niku), Narrative Communications (acquired by @Home), Gradient Technologies (merged with Entegrity Solutions), Information Resources, Epsilon (acquired by Relizon) and Gateway Design (acquired by Cadence). In addition he served on the Board of Directors of Continental Cablevision for 25 years.

Henry is a graduate of Yale University and the Harvard Business School.

In 2010, Henry became a partner of Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox, the Liverpool Football Club, 80% of NESN, and 50% of Roush Fenway Racing, a NASCAR team.

Henry is a director of Cure Alzheimer's Fund, which he co-founded in 2006, a new non-profit which uses the venture capital model to fund breakthrough research on Alzheimer's Disease. Henry served as a member of the Yale Investment Committee from 2003 to
2011. He continues to serve as Chairman of the Greylock Israel Advisory , Chairman of Greylock Israel Advisory Committee, a Director of Cabot Corporation, a Trustee of The McCance Foundation, and President of the Fishers Island Club.