Perspectives October 2, 2013

LinkedIn / 3 Essential Steps to Doing a Thorough Reference Check

Hiring the right people


In my experience, one of the most critical steps when hiring is making sure there is significant time spent on reference checking. At Greylock, we like to say that the ultimate determinant of fit between an executive and a company should be based heavily on reference checking. Interviewing and spending time with a candidate are, of course, vitally important. But, conducting a thorough reference-checking process is the best predictor of success/failure when looking at a candidate.

Because reference checking often takes place near the end of what can be a lengthy interview process for a much-needed hire, companies often do cursory checks – hoping that “good enough” will suffice. In fact, a thorough reference check can be the difference between a successful hire, a bust or even a missed opportunity. Read more on LinkedIn.