Perspectives November 14, 2013

Airbnb, Redfin, Uber and the Rise of the E2E Movement

Delivering End to End Consumer Experience


The terms B2C and B2B have been around since the early days of the Internet. But over the past several years, I’ve seen the rise of a new entrepreneurial movement that is now accelerating. I call it E2E: companies that are focused on delivering an “end to end” consumer experience, powered by a fusion of software and people. These are essentially “real world” software companies. They use software and technology to deliver compelling services in the off-line world.

The fundamental trait of the ideal Silicon Valley startup has long been scalability. When a ten-person team can build and deliver a product to ten million people, that’s a beautiful thing. Yet there are times in business when you need to do things that don’t scale, times when good, old-fashioned human touch is an essential part of the overall equation. The quality of a company’s customer experience matters as much as the quality of its code. Algorithms can become obsolete, patents can expire, but a reputation for delivering a great end-to-end customer experience will endure. Read more on LinkedIn.