Team July 3, 2013

Announcing Chris Beard as Greylock Executive-in-Residence

Mozilla’s Chris Beard joins Greylock as EIR


Chris Beard is the best marketer I’ve ever had the fortune to work with, in my years at Mozilla full time and more recently in my role on the Board of Directors there.

Chris ran marketing and product for us at Mozilla for our first 10 million users. And, actually, the first 100 million. And the hundred million after that. In his nearly 9 years at Mozilla, Chris has been integral in virtually everything important that we’ve done. He’s run marketing a couple of different times for us, creating some of the most memorable and high impact global launches ever in technology. He was responsible for creating product management a a function there. And he started and ran Mozilla Labs, where a number of important initiatives started.

And so I’m very happy to announce that today is Chris’ first day with us at Greylock as an Executive-in-Residence.

What’s special about Chris is his ability to really understand the values that are intrinsic to a product and the community of builders and adopters and evangelists around the product — so what he creates, time & time again, are products & brand & marketing & community efforts that are all aligned, authentic, and just feel all of the same cloth, but also have an incredibly emotional effect.

Before Mozilla, Chris has been an entrepreneur and executive many times, starting his own company in 1998 (acquired by Linuxcare), and as an early executive at Cluster File Systems (acquired by Sun).

As an EIR here at Greylock, Chris will work with our consumer team to evaluate opportunities and help portfolio companies with his background in marketing, product, and web & mobile technology generally.

We’re lucky to have Chris here, and excited for him to contribute!

Welcome, Chris!