Perspectives December 31, 2013

Forbes / Asheem Chandna’s 2014 Predictions

Asheem Chandna’s 2014 predictions as told to Forbes:

“People are trying to access information from mobile devices and the devices have grown in prevalence. That data is leaving the [person’s] corporation and going beyond the firewall. And as more data goes to cloud infrastructure outside the firewall, data that was previously secured on servers has crossed over.

There are four areas in security where I think solutions will come from and profits be made: 1) On the mobility side, you will see existing mobile device vendors and others providing services on mobile, you will see solutions come to market next year and the following year. 2) Insecure clouds on the cloud side: You will see cloud vendors differentiating themselves. 3) Firewall vendors are also going to add to that capability, as data moves through the firewalls. You will see increasing control of SaaS applications and data leakage. You will see firewall vendors evolve these capabilities. 4) What Gartner is calling CASB. Cloud Access Security Brokers, a new category of vendors for corporate data and cloud.

The whole [Edward] Snowden incident from 2013 has heightened this issue for companies. And also many international companies want to be closer to the data, those in Europe in particular. That’s added fuel. This issue is important across large corporations, but it’s heightened in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.”