Portfolio May 29, 2014

Bringing Trifacta to Scale to Transform Big Data

Trifacta Raises $25M Series C Round


I’m excited by Trifacta’s latest funding of $25 million to aggressively go after the Data Transformation market. It was an easy decision for us to continue to invest in Trifacta. And we’re excited to have Ignition Partners and Frank Artale join the team along with Accel and Greylock.

Trifacta is laser-focused on changing the way that people work with big data because today there is urgency in large organizations to find business purpose from all this data. This hasn’t always been the case. Five to six years ago when commercial Hadoop implementations started, it was enough to simply capture and store new varieties of data. But data without insight is meaningless. Flash forward to today with the growth of companies like Cloudera (in which we are also investors), the foundation is in place for uncovering value by analyzing data — of any variety and at any scale. But that data has to be in a form and structure that makes sense for the analysis — which is where Trifacta comes into play.

Trifacta’s success strategy is and has always been about building value by changing the way that people work with and transform this data. The company provides a powerful new application that gives non-technical people the power to transform all this semi-structured data into a form from which they can then derive insights. The magic that I saw in their first demo was the power of an entirely new approach to deliver value with data. Sometimes only when you can see it, do you believe it.

With this latest round of funding we’re helping Trifacta to scale, to continue to deliver on the product front, but perhaps more important in a new market, to scale their sales & marketing efforts. We want more people in more organizations to simply see a new way of transforming their data. And we’re excited to continue on the journey with the team.