Team June 30, 2014

David Hahn Joins Greylock as EIR

Former LinkedIn VP of Product Joins Our Team


It’s my pleasure to announce that David Hahn has joined Greylock Partners as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. We are extremely excited that David is joining our team; he exemplifies our culture and values, and brings unique product and business strategy expertise to the firm.

I am personally invested in David’s current “tour of duty” here at Greylock, just as I have been during most of his professional journey to date. Nearly a decade ago, David joined LinkedIn as a bright and talented junior business analyst. He left LinkedIn in April, after last serving as a VP of Product where he ran all of LinkedIn’s monetization products. During his time with the company, we shipped dozens of important products under David’s stewardship.

You may wonder why I didn’t try to convince David to stay at LinkedIn. After all, he was responsible for running all of the monetization product across all lines of business, and was doing an exceptional job. In fact, in 2013, his product portfolio generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue.

As I got to know David, we often spoke about his drive to have positive impact on the world and do so at the largest scale possible. He shared that he eventually wanted to lead a great company. As his career progressed at LinkedIn, we would speak regularly about defining “tours of duty” that offered him the most transformational opportunities along that path.

In fact, David’s story is a big part of my upcoming book, “The Alliance”, which describes a modern employee / employer relationship that enables a company to invest in the long-term future without sacrificing adaptability. David and I would agree upon specific projects of work to accomplish — a tour of duty with a mission — and once that work was complete, we would meet to plan what would happen next.

The decision for David to join Greylock as an EIR evolved out conversations we had during his last tour of duty at LinkedIn. David and I discussed his goals, our needs, and the intersection of our aligned interests. Through these conversations, it became clear his next tour of duty would align more closely with the opportunities available to him as an EIR at Greylock. And while LinkedIn was sorry to see David go, the company has always promised its employees that their time at LinkedIn could be transformational for their careers. It is precisely because of his accomplishments at LinkedIn over the last 10 years that David could make this move to Greylock, and the Greylock team is thrilled to bring him on board.

As an EIR at Greylock, David will consult our portfolio companies on both product and monetization strategies, and he will work with our partners to explore new opportunities in healthcare, education, and employment/service markets. I’m really looking forward to what unfolds during David’s tour of duty here at Greylock.

“David exemplifies our culture and values, and brings unique product and business strategy expertise to the firm.”