Perspectives February 23, 2015

Design Like You’re Right. Listen Like You’re Wrong.


[I originally posted this on my blog in 2011; I was reminded of it with DJ Patil recently joining the White House as our nation’s first Chief Data Scientist, so decided to repost.]

It’s impossible not to think a lot about data these days. We’re generating it all the time, constantly. On our phones, on our televisions, on our laptops, in public spaces. And increasingly the best startups and Internet giants are using data to make better and better product decisions and designs.

Today [ed: back in 2011] at Greylock we announced that DJ Patil is joining us as Data Scientist in Residence, as far as I know the first time any VC has had a position quite like that. It’s a huge addition for us, and the expression of a bunch of deeply held beliefs about the state of the art in designing great products. Read more on Medium.