Perspectives July 18, 2015

Driving in the Networked Age


A roadmap for navigating the transition from human-controlled cars to a better driverless future.

In the six-plus years that Google has been developing self-driving cars, its test fleet has achieved an impressive safety record: Nearly two million miles* of real-world autonomous driving, eleven minor accidents, only one minor injury, with none of the accidents caused by the self-driving cars themselves (a passenger in a driverless car experienced minor whiplash after being rear-ended by a human-driven car).

That impressive track record has people projecting when the first commercially available autonomous vehicles will hit the streets. But commercial availability is just a waypoint on the truly transformative journey that lies ahead of us. And that means there’s a bigger question we should be considering now. Namely, how soon will it be illegal to operate human-driven cars on public streets?

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