Perspectives November 19, 2010

WSJ / Five Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Innovators


I’m traveling in the UK for Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford, an event that brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley with faculty, research and students of Oxford University and the British entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event is in its tenth year and in connection with this, The Wall Street Journal Europe asked me to write a blog post about the business lessons I’ve learned in the past decade.

The theme of the post is “A decade of entrepreneurship and investing — five lessons learned and advice for entrepreneurs and innovators in the coming decade.” Over the past decade, tech entrepreneurs and innovators have scaled some of the industry’s highest peaks and struggled through its lowest valleys. In that time period, I had my share of successes and failures. Looking back on the lessons I’ve learned by partnering with great start-up founders and being a part of the creation and growth of a number of companies, I have realized the path is more challenging than it might initially seem.

In the post I wrote in some detail about five business lessons I’ve learned and provided some specific examples of companies that illustrate these lessons. I’ve outlined the lessons below and you can read the entire post here.

1-Look for Disruptive Change
2-Aim Big
3-Build a Network to Magnify Your Company
4-Plan for Good Luck and Bad Luck
5-Maintain Flexible Persistence