Perspectives January 11, 2013

Five Things That America’s Top Schools Could Learn From a Two Year Old (Startup)

Rethinking the education model




Over the holidays, I was thinking about the connection between online education and the fiscal cliff.  In the context of America’s current economic challenges, it’s more important than ever before that we develop a productive and inspired workforce.  Sure we need to create millions of new jobs. But we also need to better educate millions of people so they can step into these positions and deliver. The question is: how can we accomplish this in a scalable way?

I love what Sal Khan has done to make us all think differently about education. Khan Academy is an important new vehicle for K-12 and college education and is providing students with a new way to learn. Its critical that we also take steps to transform access to high quality professional and continuing education. We’ve seen an unprecedented wave of entrepreneurs now aiming their sights on the online education market.  The best of these startups have a role to play in helping our country get on the right track. Its not just that these companies will create new jobs for engineers, or contribute tax dollars. Its something bigger than that. Providing on-demand access to high quality education at massive scale can expand human potential and drive growth in our economy. Read more on Medium.

“Leaders are far more effective when they are deeply inspired and passionate, at their core, about the work they’re pursuing.”