Portfolio December 5, 2013

Greylock Invests in Trifacta

People Transforming Data


After many many months of being in stealth, I’m excited to finally officially announce that we have invested in Trifacta and I will be joining the board.

People Transforming Data

The team has put together a great summary of their mission:

“Trifacta was founded on a bold premise: just as the graphical user interface changed the way people interacted with computers, it’s time to change the way people interact with data and specifically Big Data.

The Big Data revolution has focused new light on an old problem: data has long been too complex for most people to work with. The unprecedented volume and variety of Big Data puts additional stress on the data scientists and analysts who can work with data, while business analysts and other professionals are often excluded from the process.

Trifacta enables users to unlock the potential of Big Data, easily transforming raw, complex data into clean and structured inputs for analysis. We create a partnership between user and machine, with each side learning from the other and becoming smarter with experience.”

Behind the Investment

I was introduced to Trifacta by DJ Patil, a former Greylock EIR and an advisor to Trifacta.

I knew from the first meeting that this was an incredible team.

Joe Hellerstein – CEO and well known professor at Cal with incredible domain expertise and big data.

Jeff Heer –  Chief Experience Officer and well know visualization wizard behind D3 and a professor at University of Washington.

Sean Kandel – CTO and phD student behind the Stanford University Data Wrangler project.

And when I saw the demo of their work, I must admit, it was the first time I had ever used the word “magical” to describe an enterprise software product. While more details are still to come, the way the team has combined the simplicity of a spreadsheet, with the power of machine learning and intelligence, on top of a platform that allows non-technical people to transform not only terabytes but petabytes of data is truly quite magical.

I talk more about how we met and some of the other factors that have me personally excited about Trifacta and working with Joe and the team in a ”behind the investment” video that Joe and I did this week.

In addition to chatting about why I chose Trifacta as my first investment as a Greylock Partner and learning more about how Joe and I work together, stick around for the end for some funny outtakes. Joe is actually quite a funny guy too.

Looking forward to a long and successful partnership with the team.