Team January 11, 2016

Greylock is hiring for our investing team

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We are looking to hire an investor to join our consumer investment team at Greylock. This is an ideal position for someone with 3-8 years of experience who is looking to get 2-3 years of experience on the investing side before heading back into operations at a tech company. The position will be based in Menlo Park and San Francisco, but will include travel to wherever the most exciting startups are located, as well as attendance at events, and more.

As a key member of the consumer investing team, you’ll help Greylock invest in early stage startups that will become great technology companies. You will actively participate in all stages of the investment process: from identifying and evaluating investment opportunities to working side by side with our general partners and the entrepreneurs after we back a company. You’ll do deep diligence on companies we are looking at, as well as spend time sourcing and advocating for companies you are personally excited about. In addition, you will have the chance to work with companies across our portfolio.

The person in this role is not expected to lead deals, but will be deeply involved through the entire deal process extending to supporting the companies we back through growth. You will have the opportunity to work with the entire partnership, and will be mentored specifically by Josh Elman and Sarah Tavel. (We both spent several years in venture before becoming partners so we know what the role entails and want to help you succeed.)

For our consumer investments, we love looking for networks, platforms, and marketplaces that can create businesses with large moats. These companies can be in any consumer sector – wherever consumers spend their time and money.

The right person for the job will be:

  • Smart and Curious: Successful investors at Greylock are high judgment, high horsepower and insatiably curious. In this role, you’ll be prosecuting all stages of due diligence from financial analysis to customer references. You’ll be writing investment recommendations for the partnership. You’ll be gathering and synthesizing data and analysis. You’ll be developing deep industry knowledge and building your network while creatively constructing new investment strategies. You’ll be sourcing deals and finding companies you are excited about through your hustle and research. You’ll be using AppAnnie, Mattermark, Crunchbase and more every day and you probably already do. In short, you’ll be plenty busy doing all these things without a formal training program and with limited supervision.
  • Hungry and Driven: You must be hungry and driven, but also personable and easy to work with. You likely attended a top college and/or have accomplished unique and extraordinary things in your past jobs. Graduate degrees are optional; and just a few of us have an MBA, so you certainly don’t need one. You may have worked at a startup or founded one, but it isn’t required. But this job shouldn’t be the first time you walk into a startup’s offices.
  • Passionate, Humble, and Helpful: You must be passionate about startups to do this job authentically. The best VCs are people who startup founders invite into their companies. Being an investor at Greylock is about building relationships to earn that privilege for yourself and for all of us. It’s about getting out there in the community and developing relationships with entrepreneurs and talented individuals. Your best references are from people you’ve worked with and founders you already know and have helped.

If you are excited about this opportunity because you love working with entrepreneurs, analyzing businesses, or experimenting with the newest gadgets, then let’s talk.

Think this describes you? Here’s how to apply:

We’ve noticed that people who are successful in VC have already formed relationships with people in technology and are incredibly resourceful. Therefore, if you can manage a personal introduction to Josh Elman or Sarah Tavel from someone we know, we strongly encourage it. Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile with the introduction. We will follow up if your background is a fit for us and we want to dig in more.

You can also email us at

We look forward to meeting you.
– Josh Elman and Sarah Tavel