Team July 1, 2013

Greylock Partners Welcomes Andy Johns

Greylock brings on a Growth Strategist in Residence


We are thrilled to welcome Andy Johns to Greylock Partners as a Growth Strategist in Residence. Andy joins us most recently from Quora where he led growth efforts, and from prior work at Facebook and Twitter where he was an early leader on both companies’ growth teams.

At Greylock, we believe that most successful companies are centered around building amazing products that people love. We believe that the very best of those are just as centered around creating and sustaining durable channels of growth and engagement. This has never been easy, and in today’s world, companies face a set of challenges that change faster than before. The distribution landscape has been shifting rapidly with countless new ways to attract and engage users including Facebook, Twitter, iOS, Android, Google+, Pinterest, address books, push notifications, email, SMS, and many, many more (including some yet to be invented). In a world where users have an ever-increasing set of options, navigating all of these to build long term durable systems for engagement has become increasingly challenging. We decided that we wanted an in-house expert to help us and our companies with this on a full-time basis.

Andy understands this natively, having built and established growth systems at Twitter, Facebook, and Quora. Andy has demonstrated innovative thinking to accelerate growth nearly 10x at each of the three, first creating the frameworks and data models to understand engagement and then coming up with programs based on those learnings. Just a few highlights of his work and impact include establishing the SEO efforts at Facebook, rebuilding the new user experience at Twitter, and leading the email retention features at Quora. Beyond that, Andy has become a trusted leader in our community helping numerous other companies better understand how to account for their users, establish growth teams, and begin to build deeper and richer features around growth and engagement.

In his new role as Growth Strategist in Residence, Andy will help Greylock portfolio companies and beyond to build towards durable user growth and engagement. Together they’ll work to establish the right metrics and dashboards, create new features and tests to increase growth and engagement, and share their learnings. I’m looking forward to working with Andy again (for the third time), and all of us at Greylock are thrilled to have him on board.

You can find Andy on Twitter (@ibringtraffic), LinkedIn and Quora.

Welcome Andy!