Team July 24, 2013

Help Us Congratulate Josh Elman!

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We wanted to congratulate Josh Elman today on his promotion to Partner at Greylock. Over the past two years with us, Josh has built relationships with great entrepreneurs that have led to Greylock investments. He’s added tremendous value to our portfolio companies. He’s been a great partner to us as we’ve assessed potential investments. He’s shared his thoughts and expertise with the ecosystem through many outlets — and he’s shown the creativity, hustle, and insight we expect in all of our partners.

When Josh joined, we had already known him for nearly a decade — from being the first product manager Reid hired at LinkedIn through his time launching Facebook Connect and leading growth at Twitter. We loved his product background, growth sensibilities and hustle. Despite that, we told him (and meant it) that 1% or so of the associates and principals who join Greylock will become Partners directly. We don’t say this to be harsh or overly dramatic. But we have found that only in rare cases can someone make the leap like Josh has.

We are excited to be partners with Josh as he leads his first investments. We expect him to be a great representative for Greylock on boards, and more importantly a true partner to the entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs he backs through the lifetime of those investments. What types of deals is Josh going to focus on? Well, ask him directly but our sense is he’ll continue to focus on early stage entrepreneurs that are building great products, platforms, networks, or marketplaces to enable new forms of communication, media, or commerce. But do contact Josh on Twitter or Linkedin or check out his articles to hear more.

We want to spend a bit more time giving you a couple examples of how Josh has leveraged his product experience from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to support our companies and our ecosystem. Josh has partnered with David in support of Nextdoor and essentially joined their internal growth team, frequently joining the team’s meetings. If you ever bump into Nirav or others from Nextdoor, just ask them if Josh has been helpful and you’ll see what we mean. In April, Josh co-hosted an event for product managers to learn from each other — #ProductSF — that won rave reviews. As you can imagine, our portfolio company product folks and the product community benefitted tremendously from the day. Given our belief that great product folks are usually the best entrepreneurs, we’re hoping a few of the attendees will take the plunge and start a company.

So, please join us in congratulating Josh. He’s worked hard and earned it. But that’s just the beginning. He and our partnership know the hard work and the hard decisions start now. We’re looking forward to Josh partnering with some great entrepreneurs who are building meaningful, fundamental companies.