Perspectives September 1, 2013

How Can I Pitch my Startup to Greylock?

Asked by Anonymous


The best way to for us to meet is through a mutual acquaintance. Take a look at our investment team on our web site ( to see if there is a partner whose areas of expertise and interest would best serve your company/opportunity and then see if you have a way to get an introduction. A warm introduction helps us tremendously as we have too many plans submitted for us to give all a fair/full review.

If that’s not feasible, the next best way is to submit your plan with a few pieces of information {in as few words as possible} to businessplans at greylock dot com.

A short paragraph might include:

  • What’s the problem you are solving?
  • What’s your proposition?
  • Why are you and your team the right folks to succeed on this opportunity?
  • What status is your company/opportunity?
  • What traction (or other data) can you provide us to show your progress?
  • Who has invested in your company to date, or is committed to this round?

You can attach a brief deck if it makes sense, and links to AngelList, LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub profiles are helpful as well. Please also note that we respect your privacy, but see too many different opportunities to be able to sign NDAs, so please assume all information you give us is not covered by an NDA.