Perspectives May 11, 2015

Joining the U.S. Digital Service


My mother and grandmother came from Cuba in the 1960s, leaving the few things they owned behind. At 18, my father was undocumented when he entered the US from El Salvador. Both of my parents went on to be US citizens. My brother enlisted in the Army directly out of high school and served two tours in Iraq. At various times in our lives, my family has relied on government services for assistance. From medical care when my father lost his leg in an automobile accident, to the student loans that enabled me to become the first member of my family to attend college and for my brother to be the first to graduate. This country has given me opportunities that I will be forever be grateful for. Only in America would a first generation college student, with immigrant parents, become a Partner at Greylock, one of the most enduring and successful venture capital firms in the country.

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