Perspectives June 18, 2015

Learning Recruiting – Shortcuts


I got my first recruiting position in 1999 — Google was a year old and LinkedIn didn’t exist yet. Up to that point, the only thing I’d been paid to do was wait tables. I was scheduling interviews for a company called Zaplet, an internet darling of the time which had raised 100M. I started by walking around with a yellow tablet getting people’s availability. I quickly figured out Outlook and realized there was a simpler way to get things scheduled. Within a few months I was leading the recruiting efforts for a few teams. I asked a lot of dumb questions, like “what’s a platform?” Luckily, I worked with wonderful people who would answer my silly questions. To avoid asking so many questions, I decided to write down everything that I didn’t understand and search for it later that night. My early recruiting education was all brute force.

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