Portfolio January 23, 2014

Our Investment in Jelly

Answers Through Connections


The world is more connected then it ever has been. Hundreds of millions of people carry computers in their pockets and can access the world’s information at the tap of a screen. It feels like we are still in the early days of tapping into the true potential of a connected world.

When I used to work with Biz Stone at Twitter, he always talked about how Twitter was “not just a triumph of technology, but a triumph of humanity”. Twitter connected people together and gave everyone a new way to communicate, creating a powerful flow of open information.

When Biz first shared his ideas with me about Jelly, I was immediately captivated. The idea of creating a new “search engine” that allows people to help each other seemed both brand new, and yet based on many of the concepts we had discussed at Twitter. It feels powerful and possible now to connect people who want to know something (or are stuck and need help) with those who do know and can help. And when I heard that he was working with Kevin and Ben whom I knew well from Twitter, I got even more excited.

As I played with the product during the early days, I had a few experiences that had me thankful I had Jelly. Someone on Jelly helped me realize I had a leak in my shower based on a spot on my siding 20 feet below. I was able to help others with planning trips and shopping for the perfect new monitor. My favorite was when my daughter asked me repeatedly to find an Angry Birds level with “a ding dong and a box”. Several hours later, after much searching and whining, the perfect answer came in on Jelly that helped me be her hero:

I asked Biz if there would be an opportunity for me and Greylock to help Jelly grow into a company that will be around for a long, long time. I felt very lucky when he said yes. I couldn’t be more excited to lead their Series B investment and join the board of directors. I hope Jelly will be a great way for everyone to search, and to help each other.