Team September 8, 2013

Please Help Us Congratulate Dan Portillo!

Dan Portillo Promoted to Talent Partner

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We’re excited to announce that Dan Portillo, formerly VP of Talent with Greylock, has been promoted to Talent Partner.

Dan first joined us in 2011 with the formalization of Greylock’s Talent Team, focusing on Core Talent. Core Talent, to us, includes world class engineers and product managers, from university up through Director levels — some of the toughest hires in Silicon Valley. We’re most excited that Dan will continue to innovate around Core Talent and feel like our Talent Team, led by Dan and Jeff Markowitz (focusing on Executive Talent) has leadership in place for the foreseeable future.

Dan has done a great job applying his operating experience at Mozilla (leading recruiting and University Relations while Mozilla grew from 20 to 400 people) and a decade worth of talent building at venture backed start-ups. He’s taken his knowledge and experience and helped us succeed in three ways: hiring great candidates into our portfolio, adding innovative programs across Greylock, and leading educational efforts to help our portfolio companies scale themselves.

Dan and his team have been prolific connecting our portfolio companies with top candidates. In fact, his team averages an offer made every other day to one of our companies, nearly 200 hires since he joined us 2 years ago. Maybe more importantly, we’re confident that we provide meaningful support to young companies to help them scale. Some of our favorite examples include when Dan and his team introduced Edmodo to its Head of Recruiting, in addition to several critical product and engineering positions. At SumoLogic, Dan’s team also helped to create their University Program and introduced them to candidates that later would be named their “Rookie of the Year” and most “Enthusiastic Developer”.

But Dan and the team have not allowed this to be the only mission. As you get to know Dan, you realize he cannot help but test programs and innovate. For example, in our University program, led by Julie Deroche, the team has conceived and executed our annual greylock hackfest and greylock techfair which have brought together many hundreds of the most talented students from all over the world. These students not only test their skills but build relationships with some of the most influential Silicon Valley companies and entrepreneurs. These events have resulted in not only countless connections, but dozens of hires — all of which would never have happened without Dan and his team’s vision and effort.

Finally, we’re proud of the extra mile that Dan goes to proactively educate the founders and teams he works with on how to think about and create a sustainable recruiting structure. This includes regular workshops and presentations that Dan hosts in addition to educational posts he has contributed on the topic.

Dan truly embodies the Greylock ethos of striving to leave an entrepreneur more armed for success after an interaction with us — whether a Greylock company or not — and for that very reason, we could not be prouder in congratulating him on his well-deserved new role. If you haven’t already connected with Dan, reach out to him via LinkedIn or at He’s a good guy to know…