Perspectives January 21, 2014

LinkedIn / Productivity Hacks: No Agenda, No Meeting- No Exceptions

Gaining the most from meetings


This post is part of a series in which LinkedIn Influencers share their secrets to being more productive. See all their #productivityhacks here.

At start-ups, ineffective meetings are the biggest drag on productivity. Not only are ineffective meetings a drain on the team’s patience, but also they can have serious implications for your business. Every minute that is spent in an ineffective meeting is a minute not spent on building your product or innovating to delight your customers. Moreover, ineffective meetings almost always result in an absence of meaningful outcomes.

To hack meetings, make an agenda a requirement before time can be scheduled. The new rule is: No agenda, no meeting. No exceptions.

Some will complain, “But planning an agenda takes time, and I already have so many things on my plate!” I agree. Planning an agenda is a barrier to planning a meeting. But its an extremely useful barrier. It forces people to think about how the time is going to be used and if there are other ways of completing the objective without having to meet. It may seem obvious, but reducing the number of unneeded meetings and increasing the effectiveness of essential meetings will result in materially more successful outputs in your business. Read more on LinkedIn.