Perspectives February 11, 2016

The Real Threat of Security Inequality


As our world has gone more and more online, security has become an increasingly acute issue. It’s easy to think that the “big internet” companies have the most to risk when it comes to security, but the reality is, Facebook and Google are not the only ones with masses of information about us. Increasingly, everyone has rich customer data.

In fact, I think of the big internet companies and other well-funded, sophisticated, security teams as the privileged “1%” of the security space. Companies like Google and Facebook — and even some defense/intelligence groups, SaaS vendors and large financials — face unique security issues, but with access to unique resources. They have large, talented security engineering organizations, scale that defies existing commercial offerings, strong control of their generally more-homogeous environments, and a heavy responsibility to safeguard ever-growing volumes of user information from many smart and motivated attackers.

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