Team March 12, 2013

Welcome Evan Tana


This is significantly belated, but I’m very pleased to announce that Evan Tana joined us as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence last month.

Evan has been working on mobile software for more than most people on the planet — he was part of the founding team of shopkick (in the Greylock portfolio), he led product at Loopt, and he was early at Digital Chocolate — all 3 companies exploring the frontier of what’s possible when we’re carrying always connected computers around in our pockets.

So, naturally, he’ll be working on new ideas and products for mobile: exploring the intersection of media and communication, making more truly social & mobile experiences around daily media, and ultimately helping us interact more with our favorite people around the things we care most about.

We’re very excited he’s here at Greylock, and expect he’ll have a lot more to share with everyone soon.