Team October 1, 2015

Kyle Anderson Joins Greylock’s Enterprise Investing Team


We are excited that Kyle Anderson, has joined Greylock as the newest member of our investing team. Kyle will help the enterprise team identify new investments and support our portfolio companies with their product and go-to-market strategy.

I first met Kyle last November when he was wrapping up his PhD in Electrical Engineering and MBA at Stanford. Over coffee, we talked about different career options for him. Right away, it was clear to me that Kyle is exceptional. He is a unique talent – he focused his doctorate thesis in cloud-based optimization software for smart energy grids – and he has diverse technical interests including next generation enterprise networking, distributed data storage systems, and even machine learning algorithms for trading in financial markets.

Needless to say we had a ton of interests in common and our coffee conversation spilled over to several more meetings over the next few months. Our conversations naturally led to enterprise software – specifically around cloud, data, and security. Having worked at both Google and Arista Networks, Kyle is a true “cloud native” technologist. He’s seen first hand how software is evolving at each layer of the stack.

Early on, I knew Kyle would be a great addition to the Greylock team. Over the course of many more informal meetings with partners and portfolio companies, Kyle continued to impress us all with his thoughtful insights.

It’s a great time to be investing and starting businesses in the enterprise software market. We are still in the early days of what will be a decade long wave of change in computing as enterprises move from client/server architectures to cloud/mobile stacks. Commensurate with this shift in computing paradigms is the increasing value of data and increasing need for security solutions to keep the data safe. The cloud native generation is building the new stack with tools like Docker, Spark, Hadoop, and Go. At Greylock, our enterprise team is strong and we have been on the forefront of this wave with investments in companies such as Docker, AppDynamics, Cloudera, Workday, Palo Alto Networks and many more. Kyle’s unique background will strengthen the team as we continue to invest in transformative companies.

Kyle is an operator and builder, characteristics that are pertinent to Greylock’s DNA. He worked at Google with the platforms group, where he helped develop a next generation distributed block storage server. Prior, he was at Arista Networks and Ericsson, where he worked on software ranging from the spanning tree protocol to distributed network event logging. Finally, he has four degrees from Stanford, more than anyone else at the firm! At Stanford he was a Henry Ford II Scholar—earning the highest GPA in Stanford’s School of Engineering, and an Arjay Miller Scholar— graduating top 10% of MBA program, and oh, not to mention, he is also a Texas State Wrestling Champion.

He has a history of excelling at everything he does and I’m excited to see him take this new role head-on.

You can reach out to Kyle at kyle [at], follow him on Twitter @kanderson171 and LinkedIn